Saturday, May 25, 2013

we decide for our self not others

one of the mistake that we always do is, we tend to decide behalf on others. which to me its really not a right way.

we have been born to this word uniquely and have our own responsibility to ourself, so anything we did it was our responsibility. no one in this world can decide behalf on you and claimed it as the best decision ever.  

to some extreme i also have a thought that when Allah gives us life. Allah trust us to be responsible to our own life. we always have a choice and we start making decision. and all the consequences is depends on the decision it self. yeah, Allah can disturb in our decision making process if He want, but i think it mostly depending on yourself which make the day after is relevant in this context situation. 

yup, there is several things that already been mention not to change. yet this, in my opinion is based on the things that related to sunatullah alam. which mean everybody did the same will get the same result.

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